Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Settled In...

I am finally starting to feel like I am getting settled at Divine. I have about a third of my goodies up and have put up some new overlays as well. I created these a long time ago and have used them many, many times in my kits. With the new shop coming together, I decided its time to share!!

I hope y'all like them as much as I do!! My whole Divine shop is still 40% off until the end of the month!

In the real world, we just celebrated our son's 7th birthday. I don't feel old enough to have a seven year old! July is always super rainy in Florida and it never fails to pour on whatever day we try to have a party for him. We wanted this year to be a little bit special for him because he is still adjusting to not being the only child but the wonky weather limited our options. We decided to have a party at our local roller rink. It was sort of surreal to be at my childhood hangout with my childhood friends and their kids- especially since the place hasn't changed a bit! Seriously, I think its still the same paint and carpet from 15 years ago. And its still just $.75 to rent skates! Of course, I suspect the skates are the same too! Here are some pics from the big day:

B and Grandma dancing- Miss B is proving to be quite the music lover!
This is the face of serious concentration
J was good sport about falling down
My hubs (white shirt) and his brother got in on the fun.
My two guys are so cute! I love them both!
I didn't do skates this time- and I look exactly like I got stuck in a downpour picking up the cake (I did- we got about 6 inches that afternoon and I think I was outside for 5 of them!) so no pics of me will be seeing the light of day. I have to thank my friend Jackie for getting most of the photos from the party! It pays to have girlfriends who take even more photos than you do!

Oh, and when we got home J declared it the best birthday ever! What more can a momma ask for?

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Lisa said...

Very cool Melissa! I love the new skin on the blog!