Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Messy Subject...

I'm talking diapers here. And a daughter who seems to be allergic. We first realized Princess B was allergic to Huggies when she was about 6 weeks old. I am a couponer so I bought whatever brand had the best price after coupons- and Huggies has great coupons! But after dealing with chronic diaper rash, we switched to Pampers and the rash went away. For a while. Now she is 7 months old and we have chronic diaper rash again. So I brought up the subject with the husband. Again.

I try to be good. I try to reuse and recycle-go green yada yada. But my husband was vehemently opposed to cloth diapers. I brought them up when pregnant with both my son and daughter and he said no-way! I bought some cheap folded ones because they make great burp clothes and I swear he went cross eyed for a week! But cloth diapers breathe better. They are better for baby's bottom and they are environmentally friendly. (Please don't email me lecturing me about water and electricity use- most disposable diapers do not decompose. No matter how you slice it, that's not good). So I started researching. I knew we had to do an all-in-one because if it wasn't easy there was NO way he would participate. I knew we would have to do disposable liners to make getting rid of #2 cleaner. And I knew I would still be fighting an uphill battle.

So, I ordered Kushies Diapers and liners from Amazon. They were the most affordable all in one I could find with the best reviews. We got them in and I showed my husband the easy-peasy Velcro. I played show and tell and did my best sales pitch. And to my surprise- he didn't go cross eyed. He didn't even argue. It was almost disappointing to not have to use all my arguments! He was actually receptive to the idea- mostly. Our first night using them went well. And since he has put her in them with out me having to ask or nag and even #2 has been okay because of the handy dandy liners. He still wants her in disposables over night and she has to be in them for day care. But just going cloth part time has helped her poor little bottom so much. And I know that even using them part time will save us a ton of money over the long run- for me that's a win-win.

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