Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Building Supplies for Education/ update on Addie

Just wanted to post a quick update about our school supply drive. We have gotten so many applications! It breaks my heart to realize how many families are struggling to provide the most basic necessities for their children. I wish from the bottom of my heart that we could do more. Today is the first day our committee is meeting to begin stuffing backpacks. Each child will receive a brand new back pack courtesy of BB&T Bank. We are filling each backpack based on the child's school and grade. That way we know that the parents shouldn't have to provide anything.

One of our committee members, Karen, went to Wal-mart this morning to pick up some things because they are having a huge sale on supplies this week...things like spiral notebooks for 10 cents...and the assistant manager gave her a $50 gift card on the spot. She's also going to get permission for us to put a collection box in front of the store. I cant tell you how many times they have done things like that for us!

Its funny...our community is basically divided right now. We have a record number of registered voters and record turn out at political events. Many in the construction industry blame our local leaders for lacking compassion about our economic problems. The debate has gotten so heated that one of the commission candidates actually made the statement that this election was "builders vs. people" as if builders aren't people? I think that our builders association and all the work we are doing shows that not only are builders people, but that they are caring, compassionate people who are determined to be a benefit to their community.

In other news, my Addie freebie is still available for download in the Next Designs in Digital Design Star competition. Today is the funeral for my Great Grandmother Addie so in her honor please download the kit if you haven't already! TYVM!!!


lorig said...

Sorry to hear about the divided community. I think the school supplies is a great way to help the community. I hope your community is able to see the benefits of this long term.

Debb Cozzi said...

I was just reading an article in Newsweek about the problems you are facing in Florida. It is encouraging to see you working on positive solutions to help those in need.

Josoliviamaid said...

Our children were actually recipients of back packs full of supplies last year as part of a fishing contest sponsored by Step Up for Soldiers. It was for military dependents. I, for one, was extremely grateful because we had 3 in school, health tragedies and no extra money for supplies.

Danielle said...

the divided community, blegh. I hope they soon see that it's better the other way around. Thank you for the link to the freebie!

SarahB said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing with the school supplies!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) Thanks so much for your nice comment!