Monday, June 13, 2011

Some News

Hi everyone! I am sad to share that Enchanted Studio Scraps has decided to close their doors forever. This came about suddenly and unexpectly as a result of technical issues. I am so sad to see my digital home close its doors, but I am looking forward to new opportunities.
In the meantime, my blog is in serious need of a facelift! Please excuse my dust as I move things around and figure them out. I am determined to learn all of this css and html stuff so I don't want to have someone do it for me this time. It might get pretty ugly around here while I am learning!
Now for a creepy-funny story;
My daughter's daycare keeps the infants in a separate little building. The baby cottage is an adorable little log cabin style cottage and the babies are protected from all the big kid germs. Its one of the many reasons I love the school so much. We are usually the first arrivals each morning and they open the cottage when we get there.
This morning a moth flew in behind Ms. Ashley. I scooped it out the door and turned to go back inside. As I stepped in the door, I felt something on the back of my neck and brushed it off thinking the moth had found its way back inside. I was holding my daughter talking to Ashley and I felt something crawling on my arm. I looked down to see a 2 inch scorpion running down my arm. EEEK! I don't do things that sting. I jumped and screemed and brushed it off my arm and stomped on it so fast that I don't think Princess B knew what to think. She was laughing though, so I didnt scare her. I'm just so glad that neither one of us was stung.
I have decided that since my heart rate climbed so high this morning, I am excused from exercising later, right?

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