Wednesday, July 1, 2009 just never know

My father started our company when he was 29. And for 19 years he grew his business from his heart. My mother, sister, husband, and brother in law all work there. The last couple of years have been challenging but we have gotten through them without having to lay anyone off. Last Tuesday- well June 23rd so 2 Tuesday's ago now- started out like any other day. I went to work and we were very busy. It is rare to see temps at 100 degrees in our part of Florida and even more rare to have them for 3 consecutive days. But that afternoon, everything changed. Dad and I had just come in from the warehouse when I heard a noise in his office. I looked in to see him convulsing. I wont go into any more details here, but what happened that day will be etched into my memory forever.

At age 49, my father passed away of a massive heart attack. My mother and sisters and I were all with him and in my heart I know he knew he wasn't alone. He passed in the place where he built his dream, and the place that he had planned to pass on to us. The last week and a half has been a blur. My sisters and I have laughed and cried and unfortunately fought. We have a long road ahead as we and our mother sort through so many little details.

Matt and I are 29, and I wonder if we are up to the challenge. I hope we are. I hope that my sisters and I will be able to support our mother without smothering her. I fear the future- for us and for those who depend on us for jobs. Mostly though, I just miss my daddy.

Through all of this I have learned 3 things:
1. Life really is too short.
2. A first aid class is important, and I will be taking one asap! It wouldn't have helped my father, but someday it may make it possible to help someone else.
3. Food is a great thing to bring to someone who has lost a loved one- but they can only eat so many sandwiches! Bring them a fruit basket instead!

Yes, #3 is a little tongue in cheek- but after 5 days of sandwiches for lunch and dinner, I don't ever want to see another one! Its kind of become a running joke in our family.

So, that is where I have been and what I have been up too. There wont be a July desktop this month. By the time it gets done, it will be too late to really enjoy it. But I will have a new kit for you soon and of course some little freebies too =)


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Lauren Reid said...


i lost my mom suddenly 3 years ago in June... so I feel deeply for you... wishing you lots of strength. (and tell those dang people to bring some chocolate! ;) )

Tabby said...

My heart is breaking for your family. You will be in my prayers this evening.

And as for the sandwiches, I second that but with Fried Chicken {smiles}


CznyDesigns said...

Oh Mel I am so sorry!! You and your family and your father are all in my thoughts!