Tuesday, January 27, 2009

News and Releases!

Its been a busy couple of weeks for our family! We have what feels like a million birthdays and anniversaries in January!
But I do have a few things to share with you! I am opening a new shop! Having 2 stores can be stressful with repackaging and redoing things for each shop, so I decided to keep Designs in Digital as personal/S4H and my new store will be primarily commercial use. So I am having a moving sale this week with all of my CU goodies! Save 30% off on any CU item in my store until January 31. Most of them will make an appearance at the new shop (to be announced in a few days) some will be retired and some will be revamped before they are re-released.

The December Grab bag at Designs in Digital has been opened and each designers portion is now in her shop. My part, Losin My Marbles, is in the bargain bin for just $1! These glass baubles were inspired by a trip to the dollar store (hence, the price!) to get marbles to fill up a reward jar for my son. He is very visually motivated and seeing that jar get filled up works like a charm! Of course, we couldn't buy the regular marbles he wanted the ones that were all different shapes and colors! I created these digitally, no scanning or extractions, with the plan of scrapping Jakes quest for the prize! Also included are some glue spots, a glue scribble, and a jar.

I'll be back in a few days to announce where my CU goodies are headed!

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