Saturday, September 27, 2008

A little teaser!

Christmas of 2005 was quite possibly the worst period of my life. My son was sick and experiencing severe asthma. His doctor was wonderful and we were doing everything possible to keep him from being hospitalized. That same week my mother was biopsied for breast cancer. The tumor, while small, was malignant and we were all so frightened. I work for my parents so there was no escape from the situation. There are very few times that I can remember my father being emotional and even fewer that I can recall him calling on us to take the reigns.

My mom and my son are both fine now, but I can seldom think of that time without tears coming to my eyes. Which was why, when the October collab was announced at Designs in Digital, I knew immediately that I wanted to be on the "Cancer Commandos" team. My mama is a warrior. She fought cancer and won. I offered to cut my hair to maker her a wig, but she said no. She wore her bald head proudly and rocked her bandannas! She is my hero and I am proud to have worked on this project for her!

I can't post previews just yet, but here is a little teaser that Lori (The Cameron Collection) cooked up!

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