Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garage Days is in the Store!

Week 3 of the Next Designs in Digital Design Star competiton is in the store! Garage Days was so much fun to make! I have lots of little extras, but I think I may do something different this week. I havent decided just yet. Maybe a mini kit when you do a layout and post it at DID. Or maybe a little something for leaving gallery love for my kits. I'll decide in the next day or two and put together a preview.

Vintage Dreams is still available for download until Tuesday. The winner of the competition is chosen by a cumulative total of downloads (only once, duplicates dont count!), gallery love, and layouts. Anything you do that helps me win will by VERY appreciated!

While I am talking about Designs in Digital, they have an awesome competition starting in August. Scrap Factor is an 8 week series of challenges where you can compete for prizes and CT positions. This is a great opportunity to get to know the crew at DID and if you are looking for a CT spot, a great opportunity to try!The Scrap Factor kit is actually 14 mini kits. Each challenge will use one of the mini kits. I've had a sneak peak at some of the ScrapFactor mini kits and let me tell you...They are really cute!

Finally, I gave my seriously neglected ct, digi-Mom Designs, some attention tonight! Here is a 2 page LO and a desktop using her new collection, Urban Meadow. I'll let you know when she decides to share the desktop.


Melonie said...

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Barbara said...

Looks like an awesome kit, I snagged it! Good luck!