Thursday, June 30, 2011

My newest addiction...

I LOVE Groupon! I check every Florida city every day and I have scored some great deals! Last week I got a year of Sunday delivery of the St. Pete Times for $10. SCORE!! Then I got a pass to the Pier Aquarium in St. Pete for our family for $25. What's really great about this deal is that they reciprocate with a ton of other aquariums and museums. So we have a year's worth of visits planned and our admission is basically free!

Our first visit to the Pier aquarium was a ton of fun! I couldnt get good pics inside the aquarium because they don't want you to use a flash, but we got great pics outside and managed to beat the rain!

The St. Pete Pier. I love the retro look of the building. I hadnt been to the pier since a high school field trip. My son and his cousin had never been. They are talking about tearing it down, so I am glad we got to visit.
The weather we were trying to beat. It looks like evening but it was about 11am.Jake and Justin enjoying the view

Princess B didn't care about the view...she just wanted to eat her dress! Like the stroller? It was Jake's :)

Yeah...I really need to work on that baby belly!This guy was posing for me! They usually don't let you get so close but the people fishing off the pier were feeding him. I guess he was hoping for more hand outs.The view of St. Pete from atop the pier.

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