Friday, January 14, 2011

New Releases 30% off today at ESS!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have had an awesome week and have fun things planned for the weekend! We will be at J's soccer game Saturday and Sunday one of J's friends is having a birthday party at the park.
Today is a sad day for me. Princess B and I are going to the daycare to get her paperwork squared away. Its hard to believe that she is already 3 weeks old and I will be going back to work soon. I wish it were possible for her to come with me at least for a couple of months but I know that she will be in very good hands. The daycare we have chosen for her was the same one we used for J until he started school. The owner and her husband are wonderful people and thankfully many of the staff are still the same so I feel like I am leaving her with friends and not strangers.

But enough of the depressing stuff! I have revamped my All Dirty Overlays and reloaded them into the shop at ESS. They will be 30% off through the weekend!

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