Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tickled Pink!

Wow! Week 4 of Designer Survivor is almost over already! This competition is making the weeks fly! I am hard at work on my week 4 kit and I have to tell you that I am loving it! Want a sneak peak? Here is a LO I did with it.

The font for the journalling is CK Ali's hand and the photo was taken by my wonderful DS. He is so excited to be a big brother- as long as he gets a little brother LOL!

The Week4 Immunity challenge is also done! This week we were given a magazine cover to use as our inspiration. I love pink and brown together and so we have been Tickled Pink! this week. You can download the kit at Brownie Scraps and please vote for Tickled Pink by Missy's Bits to help me win immunity! If I win I get an awesome prize that I can use in the competition and I get to share the immunity with another designer in the competition!

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Anonymous said...

so pretty! Many thanks and good luck!