Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LOTW - Lets Meet Christina

Well, I have decided to give up on creating a specific schedule for these things, I am just not that organized! To change the pace a bit, I decided to choose a really fun layout.  This layout is designed by one of our newest members Christina.


This layout is made using one of Missy's older kits.  Sk8tr Punk, which we have seen a pleasant revival of its usuage, as spring draws around.

Christina has been married for 15 years. She has two boys, 12 and 11, 4 nephews and 3 neices, 2 are twins. She has always wanted to do scrapbooking to preserve memories. And at one point had even got supplies but she still hasn't done a layout. Finding it too over whelming. Recently, she joined cafemom and that is how she found out about digital scrap booking and has been hooked ever since. It has been about 2 years now. Being currently hooked, she just loves how she can manipulate the layouts the way she wants them. Though now that she has been working in digital she has been getting ideals on paper layouts:)

As with all my LOTWs.. I have to ask the designer some interesting questions to get to know them further.  So with no further ado....

Do prison buses have emergency exits?  
Yes but only the guards or someone outside can open them. Wouldn't want them to escape.  Actually I though about that and looked that one up.

If parents say, "Never take candy from strangers" then why do we celebrate Halloween?
That is a good question, never really thought of it that way. I always take mine to the same subdivision every year.

Did Noah have woodpeckers on the ark? If he did, where did he keep them?
I am sure he did for he was to take two of every kind.  I would assume that they just stayed with the ark or he had a special spot for them with lots of metal. :)

When sign makers go on strike, is anything written on their signs?
Oh I am sure there is:) but then I guess they would not really be on strike.

 Christina says she is just not quite sure of  her favorite Missys Bits products yet but is willing to recommend the two most recent kits she has used. Here they are (images are linked). I am sure they will soon be your favorites too!

Have a great week, enjoy the end of the Olympics!!  Do you Believe???

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