Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Glitters and Spam

I hate spam- not the weird breakfast meat that comes in a can- but the other kind. The ones that send you links to get viagra or clomid without a prescription or worse, the ones that put up links or pics of porn and other nasty stuff. Maybe if I was in a big hurry to have another child I might appreciate the offers for fertility drugs and little blue pills and the photos to keep things interesting....or maybe not =) this rant does have a point. I have been getting slammed with spam in my blog comments lately so its time for a change. I have decided not to allow anonymous comments and to require that annoying captcha thing for a little while. Hopefully, the spammers will go bug someone else and leave me alone and the blog can go back to the way it was. Not that I get that many comments, but I think captcha is annoying so I'm betting other people do too.

Now, on to my new release...The Cozy Christmas Glitters. These are for the holiday kit I am working on and I thought I would go ahead and put them in the shop a little early. They are CU/no credit required.

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